Friday, July 14, 2017

Whatever happened to that woman?

  • Radiates confidence without intimidation or dominance.
  • Puts people at ease with her smile.
  • Strong in purpose and direction, whether she is an extrovert or an introvert.
  • Knows she is fully whole in who she is so she doesn't have to step on or belittle others.
  • Knows the power of life-giving words that build people up and uses them regularly.
  • When she disagrees, she does it with class, not crudeness.
  • A mysterious combination of fearless and fragile.
  • Knows how to receive a compliment with graciousness. 
  • Respects and values her body and it's pro-creative potential and protects its dignity.
  • Cares for her body, soul and spirit aware of their great worth.
  • Fierce and resolute in conviction and carries it out without sacrificing her femininity.
  • Develops her intellect and creativity and always seeks to expand her sphere of influence.
  • Knows how to be humble and take responsibility for her actions with the assurance it doesn't diminish her competence or potential in doing so.
  • Steps into new arenas before her knowing she doesn't have to "change" who she is to be effective there.
  • Because she knows how much she is loved by God, who has both female and male qualities, she seeks to reflect God in all she is.
Whatever happened to that woman?

Photo: Mathias Reed

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Cathy said...

I think she wrote this blog. :-)