Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Tale of Two Mayors

Burrrr!  The East Coast has been blasted with a winter storm that has paralyzed many communities, large and small.  Flight activity at airports is on hold.  And other methods of public transportation have ceased to function.  Many residents find themselves isolated in their homes, out somewhere stranded in their cars or needing medical attention or supplies and not able to access them.

Now two mayors of large cities, New York City's, Michael Bloomberg and Newark's, Cory Booker, are addressing the situation and keeping their followers posted via their "tweets." The Washington Post has done a comparison of their activities and responses over the course of a couple days.  Twitter gives us a glimpse of two mayors in the throws of chaos.  I like Booker's attitude at the end.  He had an opportunity to toot his own horn, but passed it up and defended his peer.

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