Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Happy days are here again!

A sunny Saturday afternoon in Nashville...a lovely Nordic bride and a gallant man say "I do." This is no ordinary wedding day. For two people who come out of sadness to find each other, this day is glorious.

My husband and I were privileged to be among the witnesses to this joyous event in May. We are just getting to know the bride, Solveig. We've known her new husband, Jim, for over 30 years. He and his first wife, Janice, were long time friends of ours. We sadly said our goodbyes to Janice over two years ago when Multiple Myeloma cut her life short. Solveig, leaving behind the upheaval and abandonment she experienced and willing to hope and trust again, said "yes" to Jim's proposal of marriage and recently moved her three children to Nashville. Jim's two grown sons live in Boston.

This couple, now all smiles on their new journey, go into the adventure of blending a family. Jim, after a few years in a quiet abode in the woods, will have the vigor of children under his roof again. These three children will come to know his love for them as he adores their mother and keeps them laughing with his prankishness. Jim still knows how to be a kid. He can shoot a rubber band with great accuracy.

Solveig seeks, not to replace Janice in the lives of her sons, but to complement her. I sense she will do that quite well. These young men will once again be blessed by the nurturing maternal love of a woman as they continue on in their adult seasons. Her sweet strength and compassion will quickly win their hearts.

Witnessing this joyous occasion influenced me for the better. I share in their happiness as we do when we watch a couple join together in this most sacred of unions. I also found myself considering the way a marriage can become lost in the frantic fray of life. After 38 years of marriage it is easy for Rich and I to drift aimlessly in our own self-absorbed currents unaware of the growing distance between us. It is easy to lose the newness and anticipation of being together so often felt in the beginning of a relationship. I am reminded by Solveig, Jim and others who've walked the road of loss, not to forget the gift of a mate, to enter into each day thanking God for the privilege of sharing life with someone who said to me, "I will" and meant it.

"Now this is the sum of the matter: if ye will be happy in marriage, confide, love, and be patient; be faithful, firm and holy." Martin F. Tupper


Photo: Nicole Carpenter