Monday, May 4, 2009

Participating with the inevitable is the opposite of denial.

I was listening to a re-play of one of the Dave Ramsey shows, the financial guy on Fox Business News. On this particular broadcast Dave was giving advice to a woman who was irritated with her live-in boyfriend who'd obviously enjoyed playing with all the toys she'd purchased during their six year engagement. She finally was taking steps to get herself out of debt and to stop paying most of the bills and has begun letting him pay his share.

The caller was making statements about the fact that if her fiance doesn't change by the time she pays off her debt, the relationship is over. During the course of the conversation, Dave made the statement, "we need to participate with the inevitable." His point here was that the boyfriend has already shown himself to be who he is and the fact that she continues to wait 6 years for a marriage (no wedding date in sight,) to wait for him to begin to show concern about his quickly growing debt (now that she's not taking care of him anymore) and to wait to see him take some action is not "participating in the inevitable." He said "the opposite of denial is participating in the inevitable."

How often do we postpone the inevitable rather than facing it for what it is! I think we can all relate to that in some way. Whether it's a money issue or some way that we need to take action to change a relationship, an unhealthy lifestyle, a spending habit, a job...the term "participating" means taking action and refusing to dwell in denial any longer. Something for all of us to think about.

Money continues to be the factor that contributes to the majority of divorces. The pressure of financial issues takes its toll on relationships.

Dave Ramsey promotes the concept of living debt free. It's like getting rid of a ball and chain!

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