Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Power of Vision

"There is more to us than we know. If we can be made to see it, perhaps for the rest of our lives we will be unwilling to settle for less."
Kurt Hahn, founder of "Outward Bound"

Rich and I just spent a couple days with our daughter and son in law. They just purchased their first home. It's a very unique home, to be sure. Built sometime near 1920, the home is made of stone and mortar. At some point in time it was occupied by immigrants from Holland who ran a dairy farm on the acreage surrounding the home. Now it's encompassed by middle class suburbia. But it has somehow managed to survive and shines like a gem with its individuality. But yes, it does need some work. The house has great bones but is the object of some puzzling alternations. Its history of residents brought some unskilled creativity to the structure along with some unusual modifications. So our offspring have taken on the task of restoring and modernizing it in keeping with the original character of the house.

Vision is required before they can take action with a hammer in hand. Actually, vision was necessary for them to develop the commitment to purchase this house. When they looked inside the home, vision began to flourish. They know what they want the home to look like. So the current state of the house is quite different from what they envision down the road.

They are both creative people with design skills. But they are also attempting some new challenges. They are both learning to use various tools, trim large trees, re-key locks, etc....thing's they've never attempted before. They've learned some lessons already and continue undaunted toward their goal. It might be easy for them to give up. But keeping the vision of their dream house at the forefront of their mind, gives them inspiration and encouragement as they do the numerous mundane and often annoying tasks required to bring their dream to completion.

The yard, untouched, for many months, will eventually have an intentional look to it with the evidence of their labor and newly-acquired skills. But first they have to cut down the weeds. They will figure out what to do with a 1920-sized closet in the master bedroom. These kinds of things have the potential to overwhelm us and freeze us in a state of discouragement. I have to admit that Rich and I have sometimes questioned their vision. Often those closest to you are the ones who express doubt about your dream and whether it's possible for you to achieve it. Now that we've been watching their progress we find we are inspired by their dedication to their vision.

Are you frozen in a situation where you feel overwhelmed? What dream do you have that has been buried in a mire of challenges? Have you looked at the obstacles and decided your dream probably won't happen?

Working with a coach can move you beyond the frozen state and into the reality of actively working toward your goal. Coaches provide perspective, feedback and creative planning. It's easy to get side-tracked when you work alone. The strength of the coaching partnership provides forward-thinking and will give you the tools to move ahead with your vision.

Is it time for you to begin working with a coach?

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