Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Are you ready for some good news?

I noticed that the celebration and interviews after the "Miracle on the Hudson" went on for over three weeks. We just couldn't get enough of hearing about heros, bravery, humility, kinship, and teamwork.  People are hungry for good news.

In a very dismal economy with so many losing their jobs and homes, is there an upside? I don't know if you've noticed but there is a sense of community emerging. When things get tough, it provides opportunity to reach out to others in new and creative ways.

Having just moved to a small town I am keenly aware that those "in community" take care of each other. There's a family here who just lost a teenage son in an accident and had already been dealing with job loss. People in the town have come together to do what they can to encourage and support this family in some very tangible ways.

Just today I heard about a handful of people who have decided to help a widow with a piece of property she owns. Her husband, Andy, had created a sort of garden and sitting area on the property. It was even used a few times for weddings. His widow couldn't keep it maintained after he died. People began to inquire about it as they saw it begin to deteriorate. Six people are each chipping in $5 monthly so the lawn can be mowed regularly. And others are showing up to trim shrubs, plant flowers, etc. The activity is contagious.  People who didn't know each other before taking on this project are now friends.

As John McCain said, "People long to be part of something bigger than themselves."  There is great satisfaction in joining together with others for a common cause.  

As a coach I get to watch people identify ways they can contribute their time, talents, and treasures to something they are passionate about.  When they take action, good news happens!

Photo:  Ionut Dan Popescu/www.123rf.com

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