Tuesday, January 20, 2009

It's a new era..what defines yours?

Yes, it just happens to be Inauguration Day here in the United States. And it is a new era. We just watched the first black American take the presidential oath of office. This image is astounding to me, especially when we watch the inhumane film footage of the civil rights struggle in the 60's. Finally, the long era of "whites only" discrimination is quickly diminishing. But like the Holocaust, for our own good, it should never be forgotten.

The term "era" is used to describe a period of time with a particular distinction or feature usually with historical significance. We learn major lessons when looking at eras of the past.

We're all waiting to see what the Obama era will be like. He has plans and aspirations, but looking at his predecessor teaches him that there is only so much he can predict or control. We won't know about the Obama era until down the road. Former President Bush had ideas of what his era would hold, but 9/11/2001 changed much of it.

Entering a new era gives me opportunity to ask questions of myself. This era of moving to a new community is rather unknown and unfamiliar and the distinctions haven't been documented yet. But I have some choices before me as to how I can use my time, talent and treasures. Those choices will help form my new era. I'm thinking about what ideals and convictions I can choose to act on that will help to shape my era. Some of it will be a surprise, things beyond my current visibility, but some of it will be my deliberate choosing.

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