Monday, September 8, 2008

Ever have one of those days?

I know, you're sitting there saying, "yes, yes, I have!" But I'm not talking about the kind of day where you are frustrated, going too many directions, and just plain overwhelmed with your life. I'm talking about a day with no duties, demands or deadlines. "What was that again," you say? Okay, I'll repeat it for you...."When was the last time you had a day with no duties, demands, or deadlines?"

I was recently asked this question. Hmmm. It stopped me in my tracks! I attended a women's event recently where Dr. Sharon Norling spoke about the effects of stress on our bodies and the prevalence of disease resulting from that stress. Did you know that over 70% of disease is directly related to the stress is our lives?

I think we tend to make the assumption that if we do not have a major crisis going on at the moment then we are not living with stress. Not so. Her implication was that a constant lifestyle of duties, demands, and deadlines is stress. So it's important to set aside regular days where we block out the day on our calendars and devote that space to something that will give us a break from the daily grind. This is a fantasy, you say? Yes, it does seem like it.

My question for you is, "What would it take for you to create one of those days for yourself?" What steps would you take to begin to create this day?

I snapped this photo yesterday of the courtyard outside Hotel Cheval in Paso Robles, California. I was walking down the sidewalk and there it was....a perfect picture of tranquility right before my eyes. So gaze on it for awhile as you begin to create your day without duties, demands or deadlines. and we'll continue this conversation. I'll be back with more suggestions and inspiration.

In the meantime, take a slow, deep breath and enjoy creating!

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