Monday, July 28, 2008

Simple Gifts

One of my clients brought me a gift she bought recently when she was in a third world country. It's a small triangular carved wooden box representative of the handmade crafts of this Central American culture. One of the things that make this box special to me is what she said to me when I unwrapped it. Her words were, "this is triangular in shape, like the Trinity." She was referring to the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Because of my Christian faith, the Trinity is a vital part of my belief system. So each time I look at the box it reminds me where my faith and hope rest in these uncertain times.

I loved the box for what it is...beautiful hand-rubbed wood, symbolic of her passion to live and work compassionately among people in a simpler society. But her words when she gave it to me make it even more significant in my life.

Words can be a gift as much as tangible objects can. They can lift, renew, give hope, express love, passion, grace....and the list goes on. Taking the time to use our words, either in written or spoken form, to enhance the lives of others may be a simple gift we give, but one which has eternal value. Our words have the power to transform a life or to tear it apart.

So my box is a precious gift, not just because it is beautiful to look at, but because of the words that came with it and how that affects me.

What words can you speak or write to encourage someone?

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