Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Giveaway Bride

My wedding dress is on a great adventure. It's been sitting in a box for 30 something years, aging slowly and hasn't been functional since I wore it for a bridal fashion show about 20 years ago. And now it's just completed a journey to the country of Uganda. Did you know there is a wedding gown shortage in Africa?

I love to give things away. I guess at this age I realize that stuff isn't all that important to me anymore. I get more satisfaction and joy from giving something of mine to someone else who might need it.

Lifewater International is a non-profit organization that trains teams of volunteers who travel into third world countries. They partner with the nationals to help them set up sanitary water systems and teach them hygiene so they know how to handle the pure water without contaminating it. I got word that one of the teams going to Uganda wanted to take a few wedding dresses with them because many African women don't have the money or resources for beautiful dresses to wear on their wedding day. They can rent them for the exorbitant price of $100. It's a stretch to pay that amount for the use of a wedding dress for a day. So some women actually don't marry because they don't have a dress. I guess the dress is everything when it comes to the ceremony...almost as important as the groom!

I was thrilled to learn that my dress received a warm welcome and will be passed around to many different brides until it becomes like the velveteen rabbit...worn out from being loved so much.

I can't remember when I felt so much happiness about giving something away!

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Anonymous said...

Sheryl, What a wonderful thing you have given! Thank you so much!
Lisa Z/Lifewater Staff