Friday, June 13, 2008


I'm still thinking about transitions and the ones people are in currently because of the gas prices. I know people who are re-thinking jobs and even careers based on the price of gasoline. Others may find themselves changing their spending habits. They may choose to eliminate or cut down on other expenditures such as their gourmet morning coffee drink, eating out, having their shirts cleaned and pressed by a dry cleaner, weekend getaways or giving to charities. My driving habits are being impacted. I don't drive anywhere for just one outing/event anymore. I make multiple stops and re-arrange my schedule to minimize driving.

We in Southern California are also talking about the water supply and the "R" word..."Rationing." Cutting back on our water usage probably should have been put into practice a few years ago. Those of us who live here are listening to our state officials talk about rationing being something we must take seriously now.

In other words, the transition needs to be immediate. This means we all have to change behaviors which isn't easy to do in a short frame of time. Transitions involve letting go of something and embracing some type of new beginning. Instead of looking at transition and change as though it were some type of doom, what would happen we if viewed it as the beginning of something good? It could not only be "good for us" but something we might, in reality, enjoy? We tend to view transition with a sense of loss because of having to let go, but could there be an upside waiting for us?

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Gina said...

Great post!

It's really scary what is happening in the world today. From gas prices to flooding in the heart of our farm country... I am grateful for all the bounties we have today and we should never take them for granted.

Coach Sheryl said...

Gina, I agree. Americans have so much. We are a "blessed" people. Enjoy that little guy of yours!