Friday, July 11, 2008

Drifting in Indecision

I have a family friend who is well into her 80's and has macular degeneration. She is at a point where she's having a harder time living independently. Not only can she not see too well anymore, but she has a more difficult time just keeping up with life. Memory issues are starting to be much more noticeable. She has looked at some assisted living facilities and says she really likes them. In fact, sometimes she says, "You know, I'm going to live there." But she hasn't made the move yet. It's been probably 5-8 years now that she's been considering this decision.

Being that our family members love this lady dearly, we encourage her along the way and offer to help her with the move. But we just continue to hear her talking about the fact that someday she's going to move. That is a very true statement. Someday she is going to move. But will the move be of her choice or will the choice be made for her?

Often by postponing our decisions, we drift for awhile. That's fine as we need to give time to weighing the pros and cons. But making the "leap" can be difficult. Sometimes we have reservations or fears about moving ahead and we take time to process those.

We assume that by waiting to make a decision we remain in a neutral place. But is this really true? Eventually, don't we drift in one direction or another? If we put off telling a family member about a difficult situation because we are afraid they might not receive the news well, does that guarantee they will not learn about it? If we keep saying we need to exercise more as we get older but don't do it, are we any closer to maintaining good health than someone who has no intention of exercising? It's easy to get stuck in indecision.

By not taking action we can actually drift unknowingly toward some event which will eventually choose the outcome for us. Sometimes they are inconsequential matters. Other times they are life-changing occurrences.

What decision have you been thinking about making and what is preventing you from moving ahead?

A coach will help you figure out what you really want and assist you in determining what steps you can take to achieve the desired outcome.

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