Friday, June 13, 2008

Influence...leaving an impression

"The older I get the smarter my father seems to get. Hardly a day goes by when I don't remember how much Big Russ taught me."*

Tim Russert (1950-2008) speaking about his father who he affectionately referred to as "Big Russ."

I was sitting in the Main Street Grill today in Cambria, California when across the large mounted TV screen came the message that NBC news journalist Tim Russert had died. It was sudden and so untimely. I'm not much of a TV network news person. I watch cable news shows most of the time. But I was always fascinated by his interviews. He asked really hard questions but managed to ask them with a smile and a respectfulness seldom present in other journalists. Even though I thought his questions often intensely searing, he always managed to seem warm and agreeable.

Tim had a high regard for the "Greatest Generation," especially his own father, Tim Russert, Sr. He wrote a book about his relationship with his Dad and the things he learned from him called "Big Russ and Me."

Tim Russert was in a position to influence many millions of people with his words and demeanor. We may not have a high profile job as Tim Russert did, but we do have an influence on many people during the course of our lives.

You and I have touched the lives of the old, (our grandparents,) from our birth on and in our later years we will touch the lives of the very young, (our grandchildren or great grandchildren.) I find that concept very fascinating. We impact the world we touch with our smiles, our words, and how we invest our time and our money.

On days like this I think about my impact in the world and what it could be.

*Russert, Tim, Big Russ and Me, Miramax, 2004

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Anonymous said...

That is so true Sheryl. I didn't think about it very much before but the older I get, the more it's on my mind.
We realize how quickly our life could end and we want to make the most of each day.

Love, Susan